THE company.

Pure. Simple. Botanically Inspired & Naturally Effective. Words we here at Aloha Grown Beauty were created by to bring you a botanical beauty line that utilizes the many healing layers of aromatic plants for your everyday needs. Our products contain organic, natural plant ingredients that are not only easy to pronounce but even grow in our own aromatic botanical gardens. Each ingredient is carefully thought out from seed to bottle to capture all of its therapeutic benefits giving you a skin + beauty care line that is a must have addition to your daily life and beauty regimen.

THE farm.

All of our distilled botanical ingredients are grown organically on Olamana Organics abundant 5 acre farm in Hana, Hawai'i. Being located in one of the most lush and remote locations that captures the true epitome of Hawai'i is a true blessing for the plants and the products created from them. With the farms gentle sloping nature for natural irrigation, blessings of rain sprinkled throughout the day, high-end organic fertilizers and attention to the details, our plants are given the best care and home to grow.  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have growing and crafting them!


THE founder.

Growing up on the Island of Maui there were rarely moments AGB founder Jennifer Jacobsen didn't have flowers in her hair or in her home. When she began working at a nonprofit aromatic farm her fascination for the extensive healing uses and purity of aromatic botanicals began to grow. It wasn't until she lost her mother and was in an accident that left her with a broken neck, that she began to truly experiment with alternative therapies to help heal physically and emotionally. Her spark of wonder for botanical healing + creativity ignited and continued to flourish into what is now Aloha Grown Beauty. She is certified by the American College of Health Science in Natural Products Manufacturing and is currently finishing her Herbalist Degree to continue to feed her passion to create effective + pure plant products.